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Jesus...the climax of the story the Bible tells. Want to discover more about him? Not sure which journey to take? Uncover the details of each book (A Search for the Real Jesus, Just Jesus, Kingdom of GodA Lenten Devotional) and discern which one is right for you in this season. 

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Lenten Devotional Videos

Reading the devotions, your heart swells with desire to live as a Kingdom of God citizen. While you have been reading, Monica has been busy interviewing friends, asking them to share their kingdom living stories. Click the link below to watch the weekly videos. 



Stagnant pools incubate bacteria and disease. Flowing waters teem with life and possibility. Following Jesus means living in flowing waters—always moving and growing and exploring. Come laugh and learn, cry and celebrate, walk and wrestle along with Monica in her blogs. 

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Monica Napoli Warren

Monica would prefer to sit with you over a morning cup of coffee, sip hot tea with you in the afternoon, or lean forward in conversation over an evening glass of wine. But until then, you can learn a bit about her here. Contact Monica, so she can get to know you, too.

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Learning about “Christianity” and finding “religion,” can be intimidating and exhausting as a forty-one year-old who has never stepped foot in a church. But I discovered that I did not need a religion or a book of rules. I needed Jesus. Just Jesus, a guidebook I’ve been waiting a lifetime for, introduced me to Jesus, the ONE who calls me to simply BELIEVE! And now I believe. I believe Jesus has been with me, by my side, loving me, all this matter what!