After walking intimately with Jesus and His disciples through the Gospels, we come to today (the Saturday between Good Friday and Sunday morning). It’s as if we’ve followed the trail with its twists, turn, and, at times, foliage so dense, that the only indicator of the way was the path beneath our feet and the voices of our guides—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And suddenly, the path ends. I don’t mean end like a spot where vegetation, scrubs and thistle have overgrown and covered the path. I mean a cliff, a drop off, a seeming end of the line altogether. NOTHING...EMPTY
Pondering the EMPTY today...not yet the empty tomb...but the EMPTY of those who had loved Jesus and put their hope in Him. The EMPTY places in my own heart. The gift of EMPTY...if we will see it that way.

               ...ready to be FILLED
                                                             POURED into

What are your EMPTYs? EMPTY hands, hearts, nest, womb? See your EMPTYs differently today...a place waiting and available to be FILLED!