Hold Onto or Hand Over?

Choose carefully.
The choice will affect the course of your life and those around you.

It can come from anywhere, at anytime, in any season of life. It can originate from a person or be circumstantial. It can be launched intentionally or inadvertently. The impact of its arrival can feel like hammer’s blow or the brush of a feather. However it comes, make no mistake, it intends to stay. It needs to stay to live and grow and reproduce. It invites you to cuddle. It claims to be your possession, your right. It offers companionship, masquerading as a loyal and sympathetic friend. It promises comfort, protection, nourishment, and compensation. What is it?


But don’t be fooled by its alluring claims and enticing overtures. As the saying goes: It will take you farther than you wanted to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and cost you more than you wanted to pay. In the end, it will rob you of well-being, strip you naked, leave you emaciated, and send you lusting for revenge.

Jesus gave me a picture of its reality, and the alternate invitation He offers in light of it.

No matter from whence it came, its initial impact, or its bold assertions, in my hand, it will affect me and those around me like
a heavy anchor
a prickly porcupine
a poisonous, pregnant snake
a heap of dung
a bowl of vomit
a ticking bomb
if I am superman; it is my kryptonite

The moment it arrives, Jesus is there, palms spread open. “Here, hand it over to me. You don’t want to hold onto it.”

I have a choice to make: hold onto or hand over.

I hesitate. It claims to be my possession – after all, is not it your right to hold onto it? It emits a strong intoxicating aroma that masks its poisonous bite and deadly constitution.

Jesus presses, gently, but firmly, inserting truth, refocusing attention on Himself.  Its weight will slow you down. With hands full of it, you are not free to take up – fully embrace, carry around, and share with others – what I offer you…love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, growth, healing, relationships, forgiveness, ministry. Sometimes, the terrain we travel is rocky. You need free hands for stability. Free hands can be joined with others or wrapped around someone in need. Hand it over, and live free.”

Each of us has a choice to make (maybe, sometimes, even multiple times in one day). Choose carefully. The choice will affect the course of your life and those around you.