The Face of Evil

I saw where someone expressed that this photo bears the face of evil.

No. This is the face of Dylann, a young ensnared by evil, and having believed evil's lies about the value of his own life, evil's lies about the value of the lives of others, and evil's lies about the root of all that is wrong in our world, Dylann has been empowered by evil and convinced to do evil's bidding.

Dylann was the first victim in evil's horrendous plot that played out in Charlotte's AME church. Cynthia, Susie, Ethel, DePayne, Clementa, Tywanza, Daniel, Sharonda, and Myra were the next nine.

Those who witnessed the horror, the other members of AME Charleston church, the community of Charleston, and yes, every citizen in America, with evil's horrendous plot that played out Wednesday night, is being courted by evil, invited to bite the lie and join his campaign and, ultimately, like Dylann, be empowered by evil to do his bidding.

What will you do? What will I do? Will we join evil? Or will we choose the one thing that will overcome evil...LOVE, specially the kind of love Jesus demonstrated...LOVE willing to suffer, expressed in forgiveness, and given lavishly, freely, and undeservedly.