Warning: I am about to out myself. I hope you will not unlike or unfollow me.

Here goes. I do not believe in the rapture; biblically, I cannot find the support for the doctrine. Although, this is not the place to defend my no-rapture belief, I would like to pose a question.

Is salvation: JESUS+ or JESUS- or JESUS. ?

In other words, does salvation come by believing* in JESUS period (nothing more and nothing less) OR does salvation come by in believing JESUS plus correct beliefs on this issue or about that doctrine OR does salvation come by in believing JESUS minus this behavior or participation in that activity. (*Biblically speaking, to “believe” assumes more than mere mental ascent. It assumes a daily walk of obedience.)

Picture the scene: As promised, Jesus has returned! Now, those who follow Jesus live in a world where evil has been vanquished, and death is no more. Just before the great banquet begins, God the Father pipes up with an announcement. “Dear ones, My children, well done! We have waited longingly for this grand day. However, before we begin the festivities, there is one small matter to which must be attended. All of you who did not believe in the rapture, please make your way to the left.”

God the Father speaks again, turning His attention to those on the left, those of us no-rapture believers. “I’m sorry. As you already know—having watched the ground growing distant below your gleefully dangling feet—you were mistaken. I’m sorry, but you will have to leave.” And with that, those of us who “got it wrong” about the rapture are vanquished…to…to...somewhere else.

Surely, even the idea of such a scene is ludicrous. Jesus period is the way, the truth, and the life.

I can hear the barrage of questions, accusations, and arguments. Are you saying we should not stand for this? Are you suggesting that sin is not wrong? No. But consider your own transformation over the years you have followed Jesus – your own growth in understanding, shifting attitudes and resulting in changed behaviors. Surely you have grown and changed over the years you have journeyed with Jesus…surely, you are still growing and changing! I am pretty confident (despite my serious study and sincere intentions), I have some things wrong. So do you.

Whether our feet gleefully dangle as we watch the earth grow faint beneath us or not…What I am suggesting is that we just offer people Jesus, trusting Jesus to do His transforming work how and when and where He chooses. What I am advocating is that we ere on the side of relentless love, bold humility, liberal grace, endless forgiveness, radical compassion…for these are the tools that move mountains of division and melt hearts of stone. What I am making a plea for is unity in Jesus..JESUS period.