Greater Truth

TRUTH. What is truth? Pilate posed the question to Jesus. Recent events have left me wrestling with the same question.

TRUTH. Its power cannot be denied. It absolutely controls a person...effecting emotions, dictating decisions, and anchoring actions.

TRUTH. Christians often like to assert that there is only one truth. I beg to differ. (Please, just hear me out.)

It’s true. Sometimes what a person believes to be TRUTH is only a half-truth or a misrepresentation or distortion of the truth or even a straight up lie. Usually the manufacturing of an untrue-truth happens innocently enough. A misunderstanding between friends. A misinterpreted action from a coworker. Wrong information. A filter dirty with past wounds sifts the present through the past . These errors in truth can be corrected with tools such as patience, honesty, good communication, correct or added information, forgiveness, compassion, etc.  

But sometimes…

You can’t handle the truth? Isn’t that what Jessup blurted out on the witness stand in the 1992 movie, “A Few Good Men” when the truth was, that the truth was, abhorrent? What happens when the truth really is hard and ugly…the sort of thing nightmares are made of?

Parent abandoned. Child rebelled. Spouse cheated. Trust broken. Divorce finalized. Friend betrayed. Gossip spread. Reputation smeared. Reconciliation rejected. Enemy invaded. Bully beat. Job lost. Thief stole. Priest abused. Innocence lost. House foreclosed. Cancer spread. He died. She lied. Charges filed. Arrest made. 

It ‘s true. It happened. The fallout is real. To reject reality is to live in denial.  

It’s scary. It hurt. The event cannot be undone. To discredit the pain belittles its victims.

When Pilate interrogated Jesus, “Do you not know that I have authority to release you and authority to crucify you?" he told the truth. Pilate’s TRUTH was not a misunderstanding, a misrepresentation, or a lie resulting from a dirty filter. And hours later, Pilate’s ugly truth became an undeniable, painful, shameful, irreversible reality for the world to see. 

But obscured behind the harsh reality of Pilate’s truth, a GREATER TRUTH waited to be unveiled – a TRUTH that trumps all other truths. There is a God whose

o   love never fails, abandons, lies, betrays, or cheats but COVERS and PROTECTS, even to the point of His own suffering.

o   Power overcomes sin and death and any and every other enemy

o   Words hold more authority than our failures or the assessment of others

There is a God who

o   restores and redeems and heals all things

o   takes ashes and creates something beautiful

o   breaks through mourning to bring gladness

o   makes a tree of death into a fruitful a tree of life

The sun never sets; it never moves. The sun’s light is never diminished or hidden or snuffed out. When the earth goes dark, it’s because the earth has turned away from the sun. Likewise, the GREATER TRUTH is always there.  So in the face of the real, hard, ugly truths of life, keep your eyes turned to the GREATER TRUTH.