A Space Called Neediness

On a certain occasion, parents sought to bring their children to Jesus. The disciples rebuked these parents. But Jesus opened his arms, welcomed the children, and made a shocking declaration: Let the children come. The Kingdom of God belongs to ones like them. In fact, if you don’t receive the Kingdom like a child, you won’t enter at all. 

Pondering the qualities of child-likeness bubbles up some beautiful, sought-after characteristics—such as, inquisitive and innocent, fun-loving and free, accepting and adventurous. (Oh, to live that way!!) But there is one condition of children that makes me squirm. A condition I work hard to avoid. A condition our culture finds distasteful and disgraceful, unwelcome and undesirable. Neediness.

When it comes to the state of neediness, it is not that a child will not…the child simply cannot. He is too weak, too small, uncoordinated, undeveloped. Her mind lacks the understanding, foresight, wisdom, know-how. Their place in life renders them deficient of resources, opportunities, status, clout.  A child is needy, relying on the kindness and care of others, for even the most basic elements of sustenance.

Recently, reflecting on my own neediness, Jesus spoke to my heart

Do not despise your neediness, for it makes a space for Me.

Neediness makes a space for…

      God to move and work

          God to reside

               the love of God 

                    the love of others

                       new relationships




Embrace the space of your neediness and watch to see with what God fills it.