Bloody Crime Scene + Sacrificial Love

As they pulled the body from the ambulance, three eyewitnesses gave the same report: “It looks like a crime scene where a murder took place.” The body being pulled from the ambulance was my mom; the location specified as a crime scene was her house!

My mom had called me six hours earlier not feeling right. But following an afternoon spent in three different doctor’s offices—where my mom answered a ton of questions, had blood drawn, and received the good news that “whatever was going on was not her heart”—I left my mom’s house at 5:20 PM, knowing tomorrow’s blood results would point the way forward. 

Twenty minutes later, the “whatever was going on” manifested itself. In a matter of minutes, in two separate rooms, my mom vomited enough blood to drop her blood to “critical” levels, in need of transfusions. She crawled across the floor to retrieve her phone, call me and 911, and unlock the door for the paramedics. 

PAUSE…The source of the bleeding has been located and stopped. Mom is expected to make a full recovery. Over the coming weeks, she will enjoy daily siestas until her body fully replenishes its blood supply.

Now, knowing the end of the story, will you imagine the “crime scene” with me? Bloody vomit. On the kitchen counter splattered on the day’s mail…spilling onto the floor…winding into the bathroom. More blood all over the bathroom. On the shower curtain..splashed onto the door and its frame. Follow the trail into the living room and then the front door. Now, let the bloody vomited mess sit there over night and into the early afternoon in a closed up house at 79 degrees.

Would YOU clean that up? My mom has two friends who did clean up that bloody vomited mess…because they love my mom. Because, they love me and in their words, “a daughter does not need to see this.” Because they love Jesus. 

In a world where most people avoid the messy, the smelly, the ugly, the hard, the painful, inconveniences and interruptions, these friends did something radical and counter-cultural, something so like Jesus. Because these friends know that following Jesus means loving like Jesus. And Jesus did not run away from the world’s bloody crime scene. Because of love, He became a bloody mess to clean up the bloody messes of this world. And Jesus, because of love, still runs toward our bloody crime scenes to clean us up.

“Love on another like I have loved you. In doing this, people will know you belong to My family.” – Jesus, the night before He became a bloody mess to clean up our crime scene

Thank you, friends, for your incredible act of self-sacrificial love and for loving us like Jesus.