Jesus...the climax of the story the Bible tells, the one worthy pursuit of this life. Want to discover more about him? Not sure which journey to take? Uncover the details of each book and discern which one is right for you in this season. 

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Kingdom of God: A Lenten Devotional

John the Baptist burst onto life’s stage shouting, “Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand.”

Since Lent stands out as a time for both repentance and preparation – culminating in the coronation of the Kingdom of God’s King, Jesus – Lent is the perfect time to spotlight the Kingdom of God. Each devotion unfolds a portion of the Bible’s story, peeking at how its central theme (the Kingdom of God) weaves its way throughout, changing everything.

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Just Jesus

Want to know what Jesus is really like? How He sees you? What He offers you? Push religion aside. Lay assumptions down. Wade past church hurts. Dare to look solely at Jesus...

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A Search For The Real Jesus

A Search for the Real Jesus is comprised of three books containing thirty-six lessons. While each individual book has been created to stand alone, the heart and intent behind this project is to survey Jesus’ earthly ministry from the announcement of John the Baptist's conception (Luke 1) through the first Pentecost following Jesus' ascension (Acts 2).