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Just Jesus

By Monica Napoli Warren with Jodie Warren Wallace

If eyewitnesses characterize Jesus as a man who...loves lavishly, sees compassionately, walks humbly, speaks truthfully, lives dangerously, draws magnetically

Why are so many Christians seen as...judgmental, condemning, prideful, hypocritical, burdened with rules, boring

Could we be missing something, or more seriously, have we compromised Jesus, the man and His message?


Within the first five months of 1990, wedding bells rang not once, but twice for the Warren family, making high school acquaintances, Monica and Jodie, family. Despite never living closer than 650 miles from each other, a rich friendship rooted in a love for Jesus developed over the years. Although Monica and Jodie have served faithfully in their local churches in various capacities for more than five decades, both women testify that their one “real” credential is having been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).  

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Through life’s trials and difficulties, Jodie has learned that Jesus really is her lifeline, her very food, water, and sustenance. A woman of simple faith and passionate about living life to the fullest, her greatest desire is to live out Jesus’ promise: He who believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from his heart (John 7:38). Jodie seeks to do this by allowing God’s lavish love to flow into her and then on and to every person she encounters. 

Jodie lives in Austin, Texas with her amazing family—husband, Trent, and two children in their late teens, Hannah and Noah.