Dear Leader,

I am so excited that you have decided to embark on this search for the real Jesus with friends. Since you have found your way here, the resources for leaders, I trust that you have already read the Letter to a Leader located at the very end of A Search for the Real JesusIf not, please do so now before you proceed.

As I said in that letter, I believe with every fiber of my being that if Jesus has called YOU to lead a particular group, He will be faithful to fulfill His promise to anoint YOU, the one He has appointed. So, in your personal study and preparation time in A Search for the Real Jesus, listen for what Jesus would have you teach—which Scriptures to focus on or topics to explore, what questions to ask, how your time as a group should flow, etc.—and follow Jesus' leading. 

Each of the three books in A Search for the Real Jesus is comprised of twelve individual lessons. There is a link for each individual lesson which contains a PDF with ideas for further study and a teaching outline for that lesson. These outlines simply reflect what I felt Jesus led me to do when I went on this journey with my friends. Surely there must be at least a hundred other directions to explore in each of the thirty-six lessons, for the Word of God is an inexhaustible mine of precious treasure! Perhaps you could simply approach these outlines as a springboard to listening for Jesus' instructions.

Here's all you do: CLICK on the appropriate BOOK (1, 2, or 3) and then CLICK on the LESSON you need (1 - 12). A PDF waits for you. Feel free to email me, Monica ( with any questions. Also, I would love for you to share any ideas and insights you glean as you journey with Jesus.

Finally, since these outlines were originally my personal outlines from which I taught, and never intended for anyone else to see, I did not always note my resources. I have tried to go back and do that, but sometimes I simply could not remember. Therefore, especially when it comes to cultural insights, please assume I garnered that information from someone else. And to tell the truth, someone else learned it from someone else. In the end, may each lesson…each time you gather with your friends…exalt JESUS, drawing us into His love and grace. Any "wisdom" or "knowledge" given to man is a gift from God…so give Him the glory.