Kingdom of God - A Lenten Devotional - VIDEOS

Grab a cup of coffee. Invite a friend along on the journey. Step into the Kingdom of God this Lent.  

First Sunday in Lent

Meet David Saunders, rector of Christ Anglican Church. As a new Christian, David heard the whisper of God to speak to the couple across the street, at a bus stop. What David heard, what he did, and the end result will amaze you and encourage you to listen for the voice of God and act on what He says.


Second Sunday in Lent

The events of August 6, 2015 are indelibly written into Claude and Monica’s memories. In the chaos and heartbreak of “one of their biggest fears come true,” God invites Monica to choose life—carrying the light of God’s peace and mercy into the darkness and loving her enemy. 


Third Sunday in Lent

From Mobile, Alabama to Lebanon...Jeri and David discovered that living as Kingdom of God citizens sometimes means grabbing hold of plans bigger than imagined, requiring more faith than expected, exposing a God more amazing than comprehended. 


Fourth Sunday in Lent

How do two former home schooling moms respond to the revelation that Jesus went "out," into the community, into enemy territory? Road trip west on Interstate 10 where we will meet two ladies (one from Phoenix, AZ and the other from Houston, TX) who, like Jesus, go into some of the darkest places, working with God to set captives free.

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Citizens of the Kingdom of God care for one another, and the expressions of care are as creative and diverse as the people involved and the needs at hand. Meet members of the Kotlan and Schwandt families in Houston, TX, and expand your vision of the Kingdom family. (Oh, and there is this one story when the family patriarch, Bill, assistant rector at St. Timothy’s, prays an evil spirit "out".)

Mid-Week Bonus

SURPRISE...unplanned video! This unexpected little gem of a story was too fun not to share.

Rachel and Michael Schwandt invite you to join them on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, because the opportunity to love others well never takes a vacation. 

Palm Sunday

For the Napoli family, the seven-hour drive home from the annual visit with relatives started out ordinary enough on that frigid December 1979 day. However, along the way, Holy Spirit pointed a partially frozen man on the side of the interstate. What was thought would be a Good Samaritan act ended with welcoming a stranger into their home and involving their larger church community in the adventure.   

Easter Sunday

Jesus is alive! The Kingdom of God's king, Jesus, has ascended His throne. Now, disciples of Jesus (citizens of the Kingdom of God), in the power of Holy Spirit, continue the work of Jesus, fulfilling Jesus' prayer: "Father, Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven."

Available Easter Sunday